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The purpose of this post is to display selected products in the info box instead of the previous new stock info box. The products presented can be selected in the admin.
You also have the option to only show a side infobox that only shows a selected item.
The main osCommerce default page displays a selection of ALL featured products, and top-level categories only display featured products that belong to that category.
For example, "The Life of a Bug" is a DVD movie in the subcategory of "Animated Movies" and "Animated Movies" is a subcategory of "DVD Movies."
If "A Bug's Life" is made a featured product, it will appear on the main osCommerce page and on the DVD Movies category page, but not on the Hardware page.
If more featured products are allowed to be displayed than the maximum, a random selection will be displayed.
It was written so that the info box and main page content *will not* be displayed if no featured products are displayed.
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