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Your advertising on w3c and osCommerce 2.3 Bootstrap

Bring your website forward and place your advertising on for free.

SEO optimized and well structured.

With your entry in the advertising directory, you also receive a free but very meaningful advertising campaign with all the necessary details for visitors and search engines.

Construction of the advertising website:

The composition of your advertising entry consists of several columns that are put together as individual information modules to form a page.
Your site's logo:
Optical visualization, the unmistakability of your website.
Name, address and telephone number:
Most important operating information.
Opening hours:
Specific orientation for contacting us.
Operating data:
Meaningful information about your focus.
Test information:
Reliability test.
Direct information for your location.
Direct link:
Button with direct access to your website.

Categories and products:

With a page programmed accordingly for all osCommerce and w3c-commerce shops, all of your categories and the corresponding number of associated products can be read out and advertised accordingly here.

Download these files and unpack them from the .zip format and transfer it to the designated directories on your server. This is a main file and the associated language files. The implementation of the advertising page is carried out automatically.
Display all your categories and number of available products on your website, with direct redirection.
SEO availability and error-free meta tags for cataloging in search engines.

Security of your data:

When implementing your categories and products into the advertising page, no connection is made to your database.
Your categories and products are linked by reading the source file in the HTML text. Practically like a search engine.

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 Free advertising
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