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Created on: 09.11.2023 11:10
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As the name suggests “Lazy Loading” is the biggest piece of crap you can use for your website. Please excuse the expression, but honestly you can't say anything else.

I wonder why this type of script is even advertised like this?
It drives your visitors away from the website, nothing else.

Visit a website that uses this script and you will find that there is nothing more to say about it.
What use is a performance of more than 90 in the PageSpeed ​​check if visitors are running away from me because of the forever long loading time for images? Just to please Google?

Personally, I prefer it if the content of my website is displayed very quickly in the browser than the unimportant results of the statistics.

What is important here is the fact that the image format .avif and .webp should be used.
Small file size and better image quality are the two advantages for display. This is also the approach for fast loading times of the images.

A little tip: If you want to use your images with a transparent background, the .webp format is best.
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